Is honesty really the best policy?

December 3, 2006 4:59pm CST
"Speak the truth and the truth shall set you free" these are the watchwords my mother instilled in me when i was a kid. But is this really the case? it is always expedient to be piously truthful or at times it would be more appropriate to bend a little or tell a fib or two without being entirelly dishonest. What do you think?
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@suju15 (184)
• India
4 Dec 06
Honesty is undoubtfully the best virtue of the law of morals.But whether to practice it in today's world is a million dollar question.Do speak the truth at all times, be good in your deeds and action....but if a situation requires do not hesitate to commit frauds ...(ofcourse ones which do not harm others).In yourinterest i would like to say, that people need to be more street smart these days, to get their work done....rather than be pious, honest, but ineffective guys.
@mbs730 (2152)
• Canada
4 Dec 06
Sometimes its best to not be honest in some situations. Like if someone has bad breath, do you tell that person or not? It would also depend on who it is too.