Twilight Zone? Your thoughts.

@clubtde (126)
United States
September 15, 2006 4:29pm CST
Do you believe there is a twilight zone? Have you experienced it?
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@thaMARKER (3094)
• Philippines
12 Dec 08
This has been a big talk of the town. A lot of people who’s around me most days of the week have been talking about this over and over again, saying it’s so romantic and all that sort. Until I finally took time and watch it on the big screen last week. It’s a big no-no to my list. I don’t see any good part of the movie – well the baseball part was at least nice it was cut-off with a scene that’s not so nice. I don’t like the characters, the scripts, the acting, the make up, and hey – what else.. if I read the novel version, maybe I’ll then judge (totally) if this story is nice but so far – it’s not. Though maybe it could have been better if the way it was presented is better than that because I actually like the thought of a high school girl transferred to a new place and met a vampire is nice. But most of the scenes is not impressive.
@kataztrophy (1839)
• United States
26 Sep 06
I like the tv show, but no I do not believe in the paranormal.