Handling subscriber's compla

December 3, 2006 6:49pm CST
This New York Times. Sales Department, please. This is the Sales Department. I want to speak to the sales manager. All right, sir. Who"s speaking, please? This is one of your newspaper subscribers Thank you. Please hold the line, I"ll call sales manager to the phone. (A few seconds later)This is Lack London, sales nanager. What can I do for you, sir? My name is Bill Carter. I applied for a subscription to your newspaper a few days ago. But I haven"t received the paper yet. When can you get the paper delivered? Oh, I"m terrebly sorry. There must"ve been something wrong at our end. I"ll send directions to the sales agency for your area immediately and get the papers delivered to your house without fail tomorrow, We"ll also have the papers of the past few days together tomorrow. Will you kindly wait untill tomorrow? All right. I hope you"ll be carefull hereafter. Yes, we will. We won"t let it happen again. Good. Thank you, Mr. Carter. Thank you very much.
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