Marijuana: Personal to Social Problem

United States
December 3, 2006 8:47pm CST
I believe pot is a social problem, not because of the people who make the personal choice to smoke it or not, but because of the government. The government made it into a social problem themselves. I believe they spend to much money (tax money!!) on trying to get rid of something that grows naturally in different climates. That effects society because they could be using that money in more effective ways that helps communities as a whole and not trying to get rid of something that is probably impossiable to kill. I don't believe that the war on marijuana (or drugs as a whole) could ever be won. In some cases, it helps the economy. The growing and selling of marijuana helps the exchange of money and the war on drugs creates jobs within the government and justice system. If we abolished marijuana then we would put a lot of prestigious and governmental people out of the job. Plus, mandatory minimums are horrible. Drug courts are so much better (if you got caught with a drug you have to go to group therapy/rehab and take drug tests every week. If you fail a test then you have the possibility of doing jail time). However, George Bush does not support drug courts and will not put tax money into them. It should be socially unacceptable for someone who got caught with marijuana to serve a longer sentence than a rapist or a murderer. This shows that our justice system is greatly flawed and that also has a major impact on society.
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