The Other Woman...

United States
December 3, 2006 11:43pm CST
I have been with my childrens father for over 9 years. I recently found out that their was another woman all this time. My kids are young and its hard to know what to do at this time. Also because I am not working because I stay home with the kids, he's the main breadwinner. He works in another city so he doesn't see us on a daily basis. He says he misses his family and can't wait to see us yet he is working in another city and stays with this woman. I no longer hurt for him as I've gotten used to it but my children especially my older child is noticing that her dad is not around and only calls. She's started asking questions, "Where's Daddy?, When is he coming home? Does he sleep at work?" If anyone has been in my situation or if you even just have a comment, please let me know. Should I hang in there for my kids or just say forget it and move on. Well in my mind I have and I only concentrate on my kids but he is still lingering in my life.
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@rms2727 (815)
• India
4 Dec 06
I think there is no need for you to hide his relationship with another woman from your kids, it's better that you let them know rather than them learning this fact from somewhere else. and there is no point thinking about a person who doesn't care for you, usually in fact us him not to give you calls and disturb your life and your children's life if he doesn't plan to be with you and the kids. tell him clearly that things can go on like this and he has to take a final decision whether he wants to be with that other woman or with you.
• China
4 Dec 06
what a pity weman,cheer will have a good time
@emagyne (665)
• United States
4 Dec 06
Oh girl, that is touchy. I know how it is to stay at home with the kids and the man earns all the money. Sometimes this gives them a sick "Sense of Control" over you. He knows that you depend on him and wouldnt leave him to quick. What I would be doing is looking for a job to where you can make ends meet without him and then let him go. If hes a half way decent man, he will still take care of his kids and if not, you know what to do on that end. But sweetie, dont let him treat you like that and I am sure you deserve better than that. If he is seeing someone else then let him be with her. Are you married? I would just let it go. I couldnt live like that.