Naming & Shaming

@peetred (272)
United States
September 15, 2006 10:59pm CST
Name and shame the companies that have done you wrong. List them here. It can be ANY company, including phone companies, online stores, etc.
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@wsue1023 (1396)
• United States
16 Sep 06
Not so much me, but family have been shamed by AOL and Bally's Fitness Center. Bally's also tried to scam my husband, but we fought it and won the battle. Took weeks though. I've been shamed by Household Bank... years ago and will never do business with them again. They wouldn't work with me on a credit card when I fell on hard times... every other bank did. I had a horrible experience them and they jacked my interest rate up to over 30%. When I got married I used every penny of my paycheck to get out of debt and even with making $600 payments a month for 4 months in a row, they lied to me and told me that they couldn't legally lower my interest rate. My husband and I transfered my balance immediately to a zero APR account in his name and I paid the monster off in about 12 months. So glad those days are over! I'm debt free now! Anyway Household is a horrible bank... beware if you get in a bind. Citibank was wonderful to me and I still do business with them. ; )