Are Mobile Phones that important?

December 4, 2006 6:31am CST
I just lost my phone and thus lost almost 400 numbers, well yes 400, about 5 years of usage. When I lost my phone I did not feel that bad about losing the handset but rather how to retrieve those numbers. I never kept a backup of any of those numbers anywhere else. But in a couple of days I realised that my initial panic was unjustified. The most important numbers were memorised by me and those I needed I could retrieve through emails and scraps on Orkut. The only loss that I see is the loss of odd taxi service numbers and acquaintanences..but maybe there are numbers that still could have been of some use. Now I realise the importance of backing up numbers. One of my friends told me that Microsoft Outlook is one good way as mobiles these days can be linked to Outlook and thus one has two places where his contacts are stored. I wonder people out there have a different opinion?
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