Is it hard for you to say sorry??

December 4, 2006 6:43am CST
Do you think it is appropriate for a person to always say sorry??Sometimes it is hard for me.. but most of the time it is not and I find it so polite to a a person who always does it. If they think they hurt or offended others...
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@platypus (336)
• Italy
4 Dec 06
in general, it is not hard to me, and i say it whenever i feel i have to. saying sorry is not something humiliating, since everyone can be wrong or hurt other people' feeling (though unintentionally). in some cases, it is hard for me too, but if i must say it, i say. it is something i think i must do for respect of the other people ond for respect of myself. i want to be always fair to the others, and i want the others to be the same way to me. does it happen always? not always, unfortunately....
@Darkwing (21588)
4 Dec 06
No, i don't find it hard to say sorry if I know I was in the wrong. On the other hand, if the other person is considered to me to be wrong and they disagree and won't say sorry, then I would discuss it with them without saying sorry myself.