September 16, 2006 3:13am CST
In my opinion,the beauty of a person appears in many fields.Two main points are the behavior to the others and the intelligence.If you meet a man(or a girl) who is very pretty,but he is very snobbish,he looks down on everyone...Can you think he is very good???Or you meet a man,he is so kind,but he is a bit stupid,a bit slow...90%you will look down on him,or you will behave with him differently with the others.So the man you think good is the man who has the two characteristics.In my country,there's a sentence:"the man who is intelligent,but behaves badly is the useless kind of people;contradict to that,the man behaves well,but stupid can't do such a thing"...
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• India
16 Sep 06
The behaviour of the man should be perfect. Even if he is some what stupid its nice.