Debts Loan Consolidation

United States
September 16, 2006 4:45am CST
I am looking for financial companies or personal individual that will give a personal, unsecure/partial secure loan to payoff my debts. Due to business start up I have gotten over my head in debts. I dont need a long term loan, about four (4) years. My debt ratio currently is more than i bring home. If am able to payoff all the bills and just have one payment monthly, i will also be able to put some funds into a saving, while paying back the loan. I have the ability to repay the loan, if i can just consolidate. My current debts are at $20,000.00, but if i payoff all the debts i would be considerable a lot less. I am looking for companies or personal individuals that are willing to provide a loan to someone that has the ability to repay. Some imnformation about me. I am a Military Retiree, work full time and own a small Icecream and sandwich business. When contacted I will provide other personal and professional information about me. Sincernly, Bobby
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