Why there is such a thing like WOMEN's right?

@alpalino (226)
December 4, 2006 8:41am CST
Please make me understand why there is such a thing like women's right. There is animal's right, there is human's right. So does it mean women are different creatures :))
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@pagli84 (1850)
• Netherlands
4 Dec 06
no, but society doesn't perceive women to be equal to men..or at least they dont treat women as equal to men. women are often oppressed and exploited by men and the patriarchal society we live in.
@alpalino (226)
4 Dec 06
So why not human rights is not enough. There are certain thinks where women chosen over men. And we don't see men's right. I belive human rights should consists both men and women rights.
@Jshean20 (14367)
• Canada
5 Dec 06
There is a such thing as "Women's Rights" because a long time ago women were not seen as equals. For example, at one time women were not allowed into medical school because it was believed that they couldn't become doctors.
@estherlou (5017)
• United States
4 Dec 06
In the US's past, women weren't even allowed to vote, so a women's rights movement began. Also, men even today, still make more than women do for the same jobs.