political debates

December 4, 2006 11:29am CST
I had an idea for political debates: - why not use forums? I'd rather that people be given the opportunity to compete their ideas against their political opponents, and have them available for viewing for posterity. Heck, if I can get into a raging debate about a political policy and sway or lose people to my view (or even have my view changed); I'm sure that political leaders can too. Instead of the farce debates we see in Canada's national leadership, we can read it, plain as day. Instead of watching Bush walk around asking people if they'd like to buy some wood, we can read the merits of policies and have them explained in detail. I think it would add a lot of accessibility to the debates. Of course, the users would have to be clarified and defined. And the debate would need standard rules (i.e., you have a day to respond to a post and cannot use more than 250 words, or whatever).
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