My 7yr old is getting made fun of because of his weight....

United States
December 4, 2006 11:43am CST
I was a chubby child, and he is built like I was. I am trying to think of ways to help him lose weight and feel better about himself. He really is not that big. But I feel so sad for him when he tells me the other kids are making fun of him. He almost starts crying, and asked me to only by him diet soda. He is only a little chubby, but his brother is stick thin, so maybe this makes him feel bigger. Any ideas?
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@suedarr (2382)
• Canada
4 Dec 06
This is a tough one and I feel for you. My eldest was always chubbier than my younger two and was also teased at school. We got her involved in martial arts which boosted her own confidence, but it was still not easy especially through the teen years. Thankfully she has finally accepted herself for who she is and is a confident person. Best wishes!!!
• United States
4 Dec 06
If the other kids are in school at the time that they make fun of your son, then it's time to talk to the school teacher, and principal to get this stopped. The school should have a policy regarding this situation, or even a policy on bullying. I too went through this when I was in school, but I learned to ignore what the kids said of me. See about enrolling him in an afterschool sport. Or even try the local park district for programs.
4 Dec 06
I would definately say DON'T put your son on a diet. He is way to young to start any of that. How's his exercise? Perhaps you can go on long walks, play catch and stuff. I would also tell him that it's just puppy fat and that he's going to be taller than all those picking on him so they won't for long!