December 4, 2006 12:07pm CST
Now here is a topic that everyone can enjoy! How should i start this.....i have been watching anime for some time, 3 years actually.At first i was very obsessed.I couldn't concentrate at school or on anything else for that matter.I was watching 20 episodes daily but after some time i began to watch 5 episodes weekly.I am not saying that watching anime is bad but if you overdo it is bad.There is also the dubbing issue.Many people who watch a dubbed anime episode will most probably hate it at first sight.In my opinion they should stick to watching the Japanese version.What kind of impact did anime had on you? Do you hate anime or do you like it, and why?
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@gemila (15)
• Netherlands
5 Dec 06
ive been hooked to anime sinds i was 7 years old, so that means i'm an anime junkie for over almost 12 years now!!!!!!!!omg time flies when your watching anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• United States
4 Dec 06
Anime should only be watched by mature audiences. Nobody likes a simple-minded fool. I love anime, and it has brought me closer to people on the internet (forums and such) XD