Religion and Faith

@kahheng (281)
December 4, 2006 12:21pm CST
Someone once told me that religion divides man kind while faith unites us all. The reason being, all religion states that it is the true religion and that it's god is the only existing one. Where else, faith, differs in this. When one have faith in god, one believe there is a god, to do only good and not to be sinful, thus no arguement of true religion and true god (After all, the core of every religion is for their followers to do good and not to be sinful). This, faith does not condone violence and followers would not fight each other over whose god is the true god and whose teaching is the right teaching. What is you opinion on this? Is religion the cause of war between man kind?
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• India
4 Dec 06
yes its a major cause of divide among us..and it'll takea long time for us to live perfectly in peace with eachother irrespective of our religions and castes
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@kahheng (281)
4 Dec 06
Frankly, I think the only way religion is going to work out with out us human squabling with eac other is if the world ends up with only 1 religion.. but then, we will start having deviation in that religion.. and squabblings will start yet again..
17 Dec 06
yes... it is already happening. They may say otherwise but it seems rather clear that religion is a factor. As long as there are extremist, as long as there are ppl that use religion to manipulate ppl and use if for their own gain... it is bound to cause all sorts of problem, including war. Hey! I've heard of interpretations of the religion that can cause a laugh... how they can twist and turn the teachings to their liking... it's actually scary...