how would you calm down an extremely angry adult?

GRRRRRR - good thing their only flies~!  but what if it were a couple kids?
United States
December 4, 2006 4:17pm CST
im asking as far as them being soo angry with a child.. that theyre YELLING and SCREAMING.. not too try to discipline in any way, just because theyre sooo mad.. how do you calm them down without making them even MORE angry?? i mean.. i wouldnt want to push an "already steaming" person over the edge by saying something like "what the f*** do you think your doing yellin at that kid like that!" even though thats what i FEEL like doin.. but making someone like this more angry could be alot worse.. im asking if its someone you know very well or even in your family.. if it were a stranger theres other things that would be done..
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• India
5 Dec 06
u know if one is angry the best way to cool the person is we just shutting r mouths ven though the mistake is not urs.bczo we someone is angry u too shout and try to tell them that its not ur mistake makes the quarrel big .so just b clam for sometime so everyone will b then u can say that who has done the mistake.bcoz this affects the children a lot,so first c to that.