for a business email

December 4, 2006 6:27pm CST
Yesterday I receive an email from our HK sales.She said you should solve the customer"s problem.Then I do so.I have summary the statistic to him. but he still have a little comfuse, and do let me have a confirm. We are so affraid that we damaged a few bangle duing production, but actully we lost them. As we don"t know how to do, my boss said, we can say....... Yeah! that"s a good idea. so I took some picture for that. However the customer said don"t mention the lost pieces. you did not help to confirm my mail. please assume to confirm the request. After reading this mail I have a little inquietude for my misunderstanding. but I have already sent double confirm file to him. Just add them up is ok, I also have a confirm, however I didn"t write in the mail, I think that is my careless, but in the mail he highlight the unconfirm I just explain it. Next time I should have a deep understanding for that.
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