Found old friend

December 4, 2006 6:34pm CST
The Foreign Correspondents" Club. Hello, is Mr. Robert Wagner there? Yes, he"s right here, just a moment, please. Hello, Robert Wagner speaking. Hello, Bob? This is Fumio speaking. I"m so glad I"ve got hold of you at last! Were you trying to get in touch with me, Fumio? If I"m not at home, you can usually reach me at the Press Club here. That"s good to know, listen, Bob, I"ve got news for you. What is it? My sister Ayako is coming back from the states. That"s great. When is she coming back? Next weekend. Next week? OK. Let"s get together tonight and plan a party for her. All right. I"ll come to your place at eight. Good, I"ll be waiting for you. See you later. Good-bye and thanks for calling.
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