To ask for directions

December 4, 2006 6:40pm CST
Hello, is that Mr. William? This is White speaking. Hello, Mr. White, what can I do for you? I"m on my way to visit you now, but I"ve lost my way. That"s too bad. Where are you now, Mr. White? I don"t know exactly. I think I"m somewhere on Bull Street, I"m calling you from a bookstore. A bookstore on Bull Street? It"s at the corner, isn"t it? Yes, it is. And I can see a bank at the other corner. Now I"m almost sure where you are. You turned at the second corner, you should"ve turned at the first corner from the subway station. Is that so? Then I"ll go back to the first corner. It"ll be better that way. You"ll find a one-way traffic sign, that"s where you have to turn to the left. Come up the slope to reach a six-storied apartment house, My room is on the third floor. I"m sure I won"t have any trouble this time. Thanks. I"ll be waiting for you.
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