Religion - The main threat to humanity

September 16, 2006 10:06am CST
I am a muslim but what i believe that any religion can make you think narrow. Me being a muslim believe that whatever i m saying or doing is perfectly alright so as the other practising muslims but on the other hand same goes for the other religions as well, what we need that we only start beleiving in humanity that is what we all need in every part of the world. Allah (if there is any) created us with the motto that live and let live others on their own as well.
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@krishna183 (2286)
• India
16 Sep 06
Yes .. i believe u r right .. all disputes that start in the world are because of groupism .. and the most privilent and unavoidable groupism in the world is that of religion .. especially because its pertaining to god .. people do anything for it .. and thats why we have all problems in the world today .. there religion in a way is the main threat to humanity .. not god
@Magus274 (664)
• New Zealand
16 Sep 06
I don't think that religion is the main threat to humanity, although it does have a past. I think that human misunderstanding is our greatest threat. Not knowing what each other means. We all have our own understanding, but it isn't the same for everyone else. If we discuss the terms and agree then there will be more understanding.
@rainbow (6763)
16 Sep 06
I think you may be right, too many wars are based on religion. I do not have religion as I was brought up a lapsed christian. I look at the beautiful world around us that humans seem so desperate to destoy and I think it's time to stop fighting each other and work together to save our beautiful home before it is too late. Does it matter whose story is the better one if we destroy ourselves we won't get to gloat over a victory.. I think man's greed and pride are very dangerous things.