How do you see the world a 100 years from now???

world - world in balance
December 4, 2006 6:56pm CST
I see it so polluted, mostly metal & cement around the corner.. more high-tech but environmentally unwise... stores on the loose, before it just water for sale... maybe by this time its 'air for sale' for only $20... the worst of it is that you'll be ask if its 'hot' or 'cold'???? oh......
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• Austria
5 Dec 06
Im lookin at the world in the opposite direction. I see the world as well-organized and well-equipped with technologies supporting convinient living. I think man will continuously seek betterment of his conditions whatever happens.
• Philippines
5 Dec 06
Christmas - christmas to all
everyone seeks for the betterment... i just hope they wont put the trajectory that much high coz it might overshoot the target... :)
@PatriciaL (2081)
• United States
5 Dec 06
I don't think it will be that bad at all. I think people tend to over react over all of this.
• Philippines
5 Dec 06
father - father & son
i just hope it does.... tanx for sharing:)