Lady Threatens To Shoot My Neighbor

United States
December 4, 2006 7:55pm CST
The other night I heard a lot of screaming going on outside the apartment next door. So my husband and I listened through the door. (We're nosy). Anyway it was this woman screaming at the top of her lungs at my neighbor. Something about sleeping with her man or something. But right before she left she told my neighbor that see would come back and shoot her. What scares me is what if she really does and she misses. Our walls are really thin. What if she shoots through one of my walls and it hits my two year old. Or my husband or I. What should I do about this. Should I alert the police. I'm not sure were to go from here.
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@jess07 (319)
3 Jul 08
If i were you i would tell the police, you're baby boy is more importante than having you're neighbour against you for calling the police, even if in this case it does sound quite dangerous...
@demos4582 (390)
• Indonesia
5 Dec 06
first, u should tell other neighbours that is something happens and you need help. and i think you sould call the police too
@kawillow74 (1417)
• United States
5 Dec 06
Boy, that is scary I am not sure what I would do if I was in your shoes. Allot of people say stupid things out of anger and lets just hope it was out of anger. I love the country.