Give me an advice...

September 16, 2006 12:18pm CST
I have a girlfriend.She`s nice,lovable and smart.In spite of that,she`s not just the girl I want for me!And soon i met a very beautiful girl, very very attractive and much more beautiful!And now I am confused,what should I do?Shall I go ahead with my girlfriend or try out the beauty?
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@niksan87 (212)
• Bulgaria
16 Sep 06
axaxaxaxx go go go attack
@pintac (165)
• United States
4 Nov 06
if you don't want your girlfriend to find out, you probably shouldn't post it in a public forum, dude. i hope she doesn't have access to your computer. questions to ask yourself: do you want to just have fun and just bang? do you want a committed, meaningful relationship? remember, the good ones come by only once in a long while. good luck ;)
@macubx (11422)
• Philippines
4 Nov 06
"what goes around comes around" if you choose the beauty, you will definitely choose another beauty over the beauty you've choosed
• United States
4 Nov 06
OOooO yes the 50 million year old she a member of my lot???......................................................
• Indonesia
4 Nov 06
go ahead with your girlfriend....this is your best chance. to find a personal with beautifull character is more difficult than to find a girl with beatifull perfomance(phisic).
@rockbaby (808)
• Lebanon
4 Nov 06
i think ur attracted to ur girlfriend in a long lasting way.. but ur attracted to that other girl in physical way..i mean u described ur gf as nice, lovable, and smart and those r just enough for a long lasting relationship.. but it seems u dont care about that,, because u care about outer beauty.. i guess thats abit shallow but thats part of who u r.. and i think that if u would prefer outer beauty than inner,, then u shouldnt let ur gf hanging that way,, and just let her live a lfe where she can find a guy who is attracted to her for her inner beauty not outer beauty ! dont get me wrong im just saying that from ur post.. u seem that way..
4 Nov 06
Follow your heart! Which of these beauties loves you for you ? which of these girls would be happy just being with you, who would be happy going out for a coffee, rather than a good night out which would cost you? which one would wait in for you. Which one would take you home to meet mam and dad? that one is for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@firelight (1858)
• Australia
4 Nov 06
I think you should be with neither as you obviously don't love either of them if you can cheat on them both. You're going to be one unhappy man if you can't see past a woman's looks.
@pcw3004 (167)
• Canada
4 Nov 06
you shouldn't even have to ask if you care about your gf and are in love with her, if you aren't then you should definetly tell her BEFORE cheating!!!!!