How do you cope up with stress??

stress - stress
December 5, 2006 12:40am CST
Each & everyone of us suffered from stress. It may be mentally, physically or emotionally stress its the same thing... getting you out in order! For me, i listen to soft music when i get home & relax my mind for a while....
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• India
5 Dec 06
It is very dificult for the persons at present in this stressfull life. today he can't escape from stess, how much easier however his work is. but youcan make that stess a litle less by changing your daily habbits and working style. i am a software engineer ... and working in a MNC where work presure is not that much .. but still i face a lot of stress of finising the tasks. you also may have that kind of stress. but all you need to do is to keep your office work discussions at office and while returning to home foget that you ever worked in a company of rthe whole day ... thats way your half of the stress is reduced ... second thing you have to do is to have a good hot bath and relax at home with your friends and family asking them their health and all .. remember not to discuss their office or your own office as you have forgot the office till now ... by this way you can over come a great effect of stess .. so keep up buddy ... be always happy ... and no one can give you stress.
• Philippines
5 Dec 06
genie in a bottle - genie
wow! im a programmer & everyday i can barely say that im really stressed up... sometimes i still do my work at home finishing my program modules... anyways il try your advise... il just wish that my stress will disappear immediately... LOL :)