How do you feel about animal cruelty?

@emagyne (665)
United States
December 5, 2006 12:42am CST
I despise it!! When I watch those shows where the animal police go to someones house and rescue animals that are being neglected etc., it just brings tears to my eyes. I cant stand to see a homeless animal. I think people that beat on or neglect animals should get shot..really. This is not right. Or people that have a dog in the yard with a short chain and never takes him off the chain to run around or walk him. He can only go like 2 feet or something. Thats awful. Once, there was a man in our neighborhood who had a dog like that. I snuck down there at night and let him loose and he ran away and never came back!! I feel that animals should have the same rights as people do. How do you feel?
4 responses
• India
5 Dec 06
i hate it and thats y i have switched to vegetarian i dont wear fur either
@barcir (932)
• Italy
5 Dec 06
I'm very sad, but it's impossible to stop them, until the people like dressing with animal, I hate them
@Jshean20 (14367)
• Canada
5 Dec 06
I've always had a lot of passion and respect for animals, I agree that they should have the same rights that humans do. I feel that people who abuse their animals are never punished severely enough, they more or less get a slap on the wrist. As for those sad encounters on TV where they show us what kind of situations animals deal with, well I can't even watch it without crying. I think you did a good thing for your neighbours dog, he didn't need to be cooped up on a chain for the rest of his life.
• India
5 Dec 06
i hate that, especially with a dog, i hate it when some1 throws stones and stuff at dogs