Finding a Dr. In Northern Indiana

United States
December 5, 2006 3:17am CST
I have been trying to find a Dr. in Northern Indiana, I am a little obsessive compulsive and a little bi-poler... I have really bad anger spouts and i am on ciprilex but it has bad side effects and i am still depressed all the time. i dont knwo what to do and i can not find a dr. that will work with me in the Indiana area... or heck if they would corrispond either phone or email anywhere... I need someone to talk to not just someone to prescibe medicine. the dr. in dubai gave me the stupid ciprelex and it curbs the anger but i still so sad all the time. (by the way i work in iraq which is why i cant just go full time to dr.) i want to try something else and i need the "meetings" and the being able to talk to someone... just because i am so skiddish it is easier for me to talk via the net or phone cause i dont feel so judged. i have such a hard time opening up when i am actually in front of someone. i jsut want to feel like me again and not be so angry or sad all the time. why wont someone help me?!?!?!
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