Is islamic JIHAD justifiable?

September 16, 2006 2:47pm CST
jihad or war in the name of religion..arent we in the 21st century..
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13 Oct 06
I will not accept JIHAD. Nobody will tell to kill other people on the name of that word how many muslim terrorist are killing other people
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13 Oct 06's really bad
@Sweety76 (1596)
• India
3 Oct 06
No way
21 Sep 06
A jihad isn't just military powered and 'bad', please don't show your ignorance like this. Jihad, sometimes spelled Jahad, Jehad, Jihaad, Djehad or Cihad, (Arabic: ????? gihad) is an Islamic term, from the Arabic root ghd ("to exert utmost effort, to strive, struggle"), which connotes a wide range of meanings: anything from an inward spiritual struggle to attain perfect faith to a political or military struggle. Individuals involved in the political or military forms of jihad are often labeled with the neologism "jihadist" or "jihadi". The term "jihad" describes is often used to describe purely physical and military "religious war", though physical struggle. Some Muslim scholars say that this only makes up part of the broader meaning of the concept of jihad. The denotation is of a struggle, challenge, difficulty or (frequently) opposed effort, made either in accomplishment or as resistance. A person who engages in any form of jihad can be called a mujahid (in plural: mujahidin) (Arabic: striver, struggler). Such a person might engage in fighting as a military struggle for religious reasons, or for example, struggle to memorize the Qur'an. Jihad has gained a negative connotation and reputation in much of the West because of its usage by various groups classified by the United States of America as terrorist organizations as part of its War on terror.
@kesav010 (1686)
• India
21 Sep 06
it never was nd never will be ever justified..