Do you hate love because you break hearts?

December 5, 2006 5:01am CST
I hate being in love. I hate that overwhelming feeling of being lost in another person, a person who is really a stranger that you have invited into your life . I hate feeling helpless, subservient, wistful, and all so emotional. What's so great about love? A complete stranger comes into your life and turns everything upside down. They listen to your favorite CDs, eat your favorite food, then sleep on your half of the bed. And they lie! I advocate that we toss out this love thing and just start liking people. When you like someone, you're still free to like lots of other people at the same time. Try that with love! You're not wrapped up with syrupy feelings, and there's no obligation to continue liking someone forever. You can lie to someone you like and not feel guilty. They might resent you now, but they'll still like you later...ITS LOVE THAT GIVES YOU ALL THE HEADACHES Thats Why....Do you hate love?
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