Kids Starting a Home Buisness.. How Old?

United States
December 5, 2006 7:15am CST
You know I have been online for many years and alot of the opps online or home buisness.. you have to be at least 18 to join or start a home Buisness. So I guess another reason why I Love Jerky Direct. I ran acreoss some testimonies from some members who have said they had a 12 year old girl that had joined and she was selling the jerky to other kids at school and even got the school to do a fund raiser. She was very excited. Can you imagine..starting something like this so young? Can you imagine the income she could make to help her go to college or may never have to get a J.O.B. I wish I had found something like this at an early age. One of the things ( and there are many) that I Love about Jerky Direct is that you can have several people in your family in same house join Jerky Direct.. Really you can have as many stores or even just one. For $12 an income straem that is not bad. In a couple of months I plan on adding my 2 boys..18..23,,26 so they can have their own home buisness for $12 a Month. We were never able to afford college or alot in their I figure this way they can share and have an income opportunity or buisness for many years. What do you think?
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