Metastatic Colon Cancer

United States
December 5, 2006 9:28am CST
I would like to discuss my mother's copndition. She was diagnosised 3 years ago- three months after she had a stroke that left her right side numb. She had a baseball size tumor that had ruptured by the time we found it. She has done chemo for the last 3 years. 3 months ago she had a heart attack and they had to put a stent in one valve (she needs open heart surgery because they others are really really BAD. Then last week she had a small stroke. She is taking Percaset for the pain. Her cancer has spread to a large spot in the liver, small spot on the lung, one in each kidney-small, and then 5 on her right grion and 7 in her left groin. My main question is the docs wont tel me much about her time left with us. The ER doc said Sun. night that those with this type of cancer Metastatic Colon Cancer (stage 5- terminal). He said that those with this extreme case usually make it 1 yr and she is on yr 3 this Christmas Eve. What should I do?
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