godsmack vs. alice in chains

December 5, 2006 10:51am CST
some say godsmack's ripping off alice in chains. personally i think godsmack is one of the best bands out there today and if they are somewhat influenced by alice in chains there is no harm in that. what do you think?
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• Philippines
5 Mar 11
Honestly, i prefer Alice in Chains rather than Godsmack. But we have different taste in music and bands. So we'll have different opinions then.
@scarymary (124)
• United States
19 Dec 06
I haven't heard that before, but out of those two Alice in Chains comes out on top. I've never really gotten into Godsmack except like that one song "VooDoo". I did however get a bloody nose at a Godsmack concert when I was younger and was thrown to the front of the crowd by this large man trying to protect me. :P
@wiglet (13)
• Philippines
13 Dec 06
ber, all i can say is, if you like the band, you wouldn't give a flying fig what others say. like, if, for example, you liked a band that everyone says is overrated, would you honestly care? not for more than a heartbeat. but anyway, there is no original writing or composition these days (and as one great author said: there's no honest pissing), everyone borrows from everyone, even the truly great ones. so, no harm. no harm at all. :)