Backward Masking in Songs with Examples

United States
December 5, 2006 11:53am CST
I know it's old, but what do you guys think of "Backward Masking" (where you play a song in reverse to reveal a hidden message)? I think that alot of it is just rubbish, and not clear, but when you hear things like Stairway To Heaven in reverse, it really makes me wonder... Here is an example of Backward Masking: SONG: Stairway To Heaven ARTIST: Led Zeppelin PLAYED FORWARD: If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now, it's just a spring clean for the May queen. PLAYED BACKWARD:Its my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad whose power is fake, he gives you 666. There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan MP3 OF REVERSAL: Here are some more examples of Backward Masking in songs So, discuss!
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