No more contracts for any players in Indian Cricket Team

December 5, 2006 1:11pm CST
The recent dissappointing performance of the Indian cricket team in south africa had let down the fans and cricket lovers back in India. It had also led to a lot of criticism and reached a stage wherein the MP's in the parliament was also involved. So much is the importance the sport has in India. But as a nation it was a dismayal performace put forth by the Indian team for the one day series. This had put thoughts on the BCCI and there are speculations that the BCCI will revisit the players contract and do away with the present system where in the players are graded in 3 levels and played money based on thier grade. I strongly feel that this should have bben done long back. Playing for a nation is a pride and one should not feel that its their right. There are a billion other people who can fill in that spot.As a privileged member of the team one should earn his/he spot in the team and things should not be taken for granted. I would request all cricket lovers to respond to this discussion by putting their views forward.
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