Plz Solve my love problem

@akanuj (331)
December 5, 2006 1:34pm CST
hi friends i got some problem, hope u guys help me to come out of it i have a friend named kiran. she is really a good and great friend n she talks so nicely simply irresistable n the most important thing is i love her alot it gone well for some time but suddenly she stoped talking to me, i dont know y n what happned? but 1 thing i can tell is no1 can tell anything badly about me becoz no1 knows our matter. i dont know y all the love for me suddenly dissapeared. i didnt get this. i tried my best to get a reply from her but no use. u know what firstly i thought love is a worst thing in the world n at that time i love myself n my behaviour but when i met her i totally changed. really i changed myself. but u know what, now i hate myself, iam in such a cheap position that i cant even forgive myself for what i done to my parents n iam not even cocentrating on my studies n i totally forgot abt my goal. n karan gone without saying a word thats making me mad y she done so. friends, i dont know iam right or wrong, but i want to be that girl again.. {not like this now always thinking madly abt, thinking thinking n thinking i cant able to stop it } changing like that girl before seems to me most difficult thing n my mind stoped listening to me its not in my control. friends please suggest me what should i do to come out of this disgusting thing n what should i do to be normal again it seems to be nothing n to u may be there is no problem , but its a big problem for me. plz suggest me thanking u for reading such a big disgusting
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@fady83 (617)
• Egypt
22 Jan 07
i think it is life which change people. try to be a friend to all and do not love them all
• India
22 Jan 07
well i doesnt know u are he/she but ur problem makes u to forget ur goal if u loves her alot than try to know whether u have made any mistake with her try to contact her with phone or else by sweet messages through phone and dont try to get in front of her bcoz this makes her incomfortable and try ur best to know ur mistake ur confiedent that u have not made any mistake,i think she come to know about ur love, and she doesnt deserve that love by u and try to give a flower on Feb 14 by teeling her to escuse u and tell her to be remain as frnd as she was and i pray the god to get ur grlfrnd back to u, let u do this way