Not as bad as I thought....

United States
December 5, 2006 5:09pm CST
Seeing how Pete Dougherty acts like a complete fool and is a waste product, the music and his vocals are not that bad.
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• Australia
5 Dec 06
yea Babyshambles is quite good, but wasnt as good as the Libertines i quite liked them
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@Deacon87 (169)
• Sweden
26 Feb 07
I just LOVE them all, Carl BarĂ¢t, Pete Doherty Just Love them all!!!
@allegro (37)
• Brazil
21 May 07
I like Pete Doherty's style .__. He lives like a junkie rock star, has attitude... he's cool, whatever "cool" stands for xD Babyshambles is very nice too, but nothing if compared to Libertines. I love Pete's accent also, that's a plus ^^b
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@nuel_h (1593)
• Indonesia
6 Dec 06
well, first of all i would welcome you to i hope u enjoy ur stay here and dont forget to give best response, +, - mark to people who deserves it, now... i think u were right. pete doherty voice is Not as bad as u thought, it even somehow good right?
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@coffeeshot (3786)
• Australia
17 Feb 10
haha. Yeah I like the Libertines.
@TashaC (7)
16 Feb 10
wow, 'waste product' eh? little harsh don't you think? First time I heard Peter's music I feel in love with it. Dispite what the tabloids will have you believe, he's much more than just a 'human pin cushion.' The man's got talent when it comes to music and lyrics. He might not have the strongest vocals, but his music is charismatic and beautiful. Not something you can say about many artists still making music again. He's also an amazing live preformer. He gives his fans unlimited access, talks to them on his forum, let's them hear scratchy demos of new songs free of charge and occassionally posts little snippets on his youtube channel. Peter's not like other singers. He shares a bond with his fans that most artists never experience. I mean, how many singers do you know that have gigs in their front rooms for their fans? He's a legend.