December 5, 2006 7:08pm CST
friends as i surf net and open orkut there i find hateredness among people abusing each other religon i think whether u r hindu,chritsian,muslim any one dont you think we are human first then comes the religon what you think humanity comes first or religon?
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@tarachand (3895)
• India
6 Dec 06
This is what I think of myself, and I have blogged about this too: Lets look at things this way - I am a citizen of the three physical dimensional (plus the fourth dimension being time) cosmos which itself may be one cosmos in the multitude of multiple dimensional cosmos (plural). My cosmos contains my universe which contains my local cluster of galaxies which contains the Milky Way Galaxy (My Galaxy), on one of the outer peripheries of one of my galaxy's spiral arms is Sol (my star) which contains my planet Earth which contains the continent of Asia which contains my country India which contains Karnataka - the state in which I currently reside in, which contains my city of residence Bangalore which contains the suburb I live in, which contains the street I live on, which contains my house. My universe is estimated to be around 10-15 billion years, old, my star -Sol or Sun a middle aged second generation 5 billion year star, life on my planet is estimated to have evolved around 3-4 billion years ago, my species around 2-4 million years ago and I'll consider myself fortunate if I live even for one-tenth of a millennium. On a cosmic scale, even my galaxy may appear as just a blemish and may be unnoticeable in the fabric of space, and I would not even be the size of a speck- but - the ripple that I (any human) could cause in the still waters (the cosmos) could change the course of history, of space of existence/s. So why should I limit myself to a country or a race or a caste or a religion or a continent or a creed (narration intentionally not in order)? As I said - I am a citizen of the cosmos, or a multitude of cosmos (plural) There can never be anyone else like me at this point in space in this given instant of time ever. I am unique (and so is every other creature!). Oh! The Creator of these wonders! I thank thee!
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8 Dec 06
thanks for answering dude and i think the way you think people cant even dreamt about that com little realistic way this doesent mean i didnt appreciate your answer you replied really well