One more little rant, if I may

December 5, 2006 7:52pm CST
Hi guys I have probably mentioned that I'm moving house...well, the actual day is next Tuesday and I just want to crawl into a corner somewhere. Oh the packing! Oh the chaos! But what I'm posting for is just to vent a little about Orange - or Wanadoo as it was when I signed up with them for Broadband about 18 months ago. I have been trying to get through to them to cancel my account (I decided to give Pipex a try with their BB plus phone line rental + calls - a very nice young man talked me into it!) and have been holding on for ages and ages. Eventually I decided to try a different tack and redialled then pushed the buttons to say that I wanted to sign up with Orange, as though I were a new customer. Guess what? the telephone was answered straight away!!! So it seems that with so many of these companies (like my problems with O2 with regard to my lost mobile phone the other week) they'll go overboard to reel you in and then they don't give a toss about you once they've got you signed up.
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@killailla (1301)
• Canada
6 Dec 06
yeah they do their best to suck you in, then they spit you right back out!