What brand of Cigarettes are you smoking?

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December 5, 2006 11:54pm CST
I'm used to Salem Menthol Light...I like the mint flavour.What abt you?
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• United States
6 Dec 06
I have always smoked Marlboros. I started out on Marlboro Methol Lights, Moved to Marlboro Menthol Ultralights, then to Marlboro Ultra Lights, and Now I'm on lights. Sigh..I give this company way too much money. I tried quitting cold turkey yesterday and failed. I am smoking today but I have cut back a lot. One step at a time!
• Singapore
6 Dec 06
ya...Can't quite immediately,if not,might bounced back to be a more heavier smoker than ever.I've gopt lots of friends smoking same brand as you.Thanks for posting!
• Malaysia
15 Dec 06
No brand. I am not a smoker and I never smoke. I am sure my boy friend will not like a smoker. I think that a girl smoking is not attractive and look like bad girl. Beside this, smoking absolutely not good to our health and may cause many types of cancer, slow our reaction, heart problems, AIDs and many more. wasting money is another issue. Somebody said that they can enjoy by smooking, I am not sure because I never try it but I think there are many other ways to relax instead of smoking.