Peacefull world

December 6, 2006 12:07am CST
Some time ago I chit a chat with my frend who lived at place away from his working place and every day he go to work by train. what make me interesting is when he said that every day he go to work at the same time with almost with same train and in same train module and in that train module he saw with same people as usual. He said that because of that the poeple who always go to work together in that train module have already know each other and it make brotherhood among them. So if one they they dont see one man in thhat train module they will relized that and will ask the other what haven with that man.And my friend said that beacause of that all the passanger will feel save even for a women bacause if sombody have a problem the other will ready to help. The messege of the story is live will be more wonderfull if we all can live like those people, together, ready to help each othe, brotherhood, and I am sure the world will be peacefull. Riko
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