Another day

December 6, 2006 12:10am CST
Seeing off my sisters, i feel at lost that what should i do now and where should i go...... Strolling around the street aimlessly,i do nothing but cry in my heart.Xi"an ,a city i have stayed for about 3 years ,but all the time ,i am not familiar with it ,and so it is not familiar to me ,too.I have to say,when you are in this position,it"s beyond words. I have nothing to look forward to now,giving myself up to the beauty of the cheerful trip with my sisters ,although it"s just a three-week travelling around Xi"an. Suddently ,i think of the words my sister have said to me in the train station "Tomorrow is another day" ,What pulls me back to the present. With a few seconds keeping in silence,i open my eyes to glance around the world ,it"s really a new day ,full of promise and morning sunshine,young and old are after doing their business,the good-looking girls are dressed to kill to have a date with their parters,the workers elbowing their way in the bus for work.,what a busy day. And i know the meaning of the sentence" Tomorrow is another day" now....i have think of the unhappy thing quite differently....Just as the former english teacher says ,everything has two side ,just for what about your attitude.If you think it optimistic,it"s a new day for you,other word,you will be in sad if you take it pessmistic. Our path in life is stony,so we shoud always look on the bright side of everything ,as my mother say all the time. So now i am full of high spirits,and eager to do something,not satisfying with this . I make up my plan here,the number one thing for me is to upgrade my oral engglish,what i can do is strolling around the scenic spots full of foreigners,so that i can feel freely to chat with them ,with the purpose of improving my poor spoken-english. But before that,i should do some accurate preparation ,the material about the scenci spots,and i know that the foreigners are most interested in the 5000 historical China and want to experience the real Chinese culture and have a better understanding of the Chinese people. That"s amazing plan ,hope that i can keep at it,and realize the goal. Our ancient great philosopher Confucious say" it"s it a delight after all to have friends come from afar?"
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6 Dec 06
......pen down your thoughts - writing your feelings
kudos to you!! it was indeed a touchy and thought provoking read. its really sad to let go our loved ones but then life has to move on and so do we, time never stops. we have so many thngs to look upto and time is short, let us spend quality time on earth rather than the number of days. be positive, b happy and be good to yourself and others. ......and one thing, my dear friend, try ur hand in writing, i mean in literature work. u are sensitive, wise and ur pen moves so smoothly and thoughtfully. u r awesome. thanx