Feng Shui

@cuddiluk (1523)
December 6, 2006 1:11am CST
Have you ever tried to feng-shui your house? Do you believe the works of feng shui. Feng shui by the way are the chinese experts in correct situating the position of your house to fluke good blessing to the family.
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• Singapore
15 Dec 06
I tried.I think it works.Objects that are not in the correct position will affect the way you think as it makes you uncomfortable.
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@cuddiluk (1523)
• Philippines
18 Dec 06
yah I felt heavy and uncertain too when things not place in its proper formation.
@pratew3y (1894)
• India
3 Jan 07
well have changed some things according to feng shui at my place , had to do little more tudy on feng shui to get its benefit to the fullest
@dhaeo_09 (1007)
• Philippines
22 Dec 06
feng shui - feng shui parctice
I'm a christian but I believe in feng shui. Our house is built above the ground.
@Bev1986 (1427)
• United States
18 Dec 06
It may be real, but I think there are a lot of people claiming they can help you with it, when they are really scamming you out of money. I watched a show where they brought in 3 "professionals" and all 3 of them told the woman that they should change their room 3 different ways! Not one of them agreed with each other! So if it's a science, shouldn't they all be in agreement?
• Singapore
18 Dec 06
Yes.Feng shui is real.
• Romania
6 Dec 06
Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space which is claimed to achieve harmony with the environment. Skeptics consider it to be nothing but superstition or a primitive form of environmental psychology. Feng shui is a discrete Chinese belief system involving a mix of geographical, religious, philosophical, mathematical, aesthetic, and astrological ideas.[1] It literally means "wind (feng) and water (shui)", and is not a decorating style, but a discipline with guidelines compatible with many different decorating styles. The source of the term is purported to come from the Burial Book written by Guo Pu(??) in the Jin Dynasty(??). Qi (?) is reputedly dispersed when it rides the wind and stops when it meets water. The ancients collected qi so that it did not dissipate, and directed it so that it was retained. For this reason this art is called Feng Shui. For a place to have "good feng shui" is for it to be in harmony with nature, and to have "bad feng shui" is to be incongruous with nature. Although people aren't usually described as having good or bad feng shui themselves,[1] believers in feng shui say that certain people by force of personality or visual appearance are able to add or subtract from the feng shui of their surroundings.