do you agree about polygamy

@iwyrobi (282)
December 6, 2006 1:26am CST
polygamy is one men can have more then one wife at the same time. in my country this is legal. how is your opinion about this?. in my opinion polygamy is hurt the 1st wife. and make a woman like slave.
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@srhelmer (6930)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
21 Dec 06
In societies where women are considered second class citizens and must depend on a man, it makes sense. But only if the man is willing to give each an equal share of everything (from money to his time). If he only favors one, then what was the point of the other three?
@audraac (109)
• United States
21 Dec 06
I do not agree with this. But this is my opinion as a woman who lives in america and I only prefer to deal with one person (relationship).
@maryulismax (1439)
• Indonesia
7 Dec 06
polygamy? not now
• Romania
6 Dec 06
In social anthropology, polygamy is the practice of marriage to more than one spouse simultaneously. Historically, polygamy has been practiced as polygyny (one man having more than one wife), or as polyandry (one woman having more than one husband), or, less commonly as "polygamy" (having many wives and many husbands at one time). (See "Forms of Polygamy" below.) In contrast monogamy is the practice each person having only one spouse at a time. Like monogamy, the term is often used in a de facto sense, applying regardless of whether the relationships are recognized by the state (see marriage for a discussion on the extent to which states can and do recognize potentially and actually polygamous forms as valid). In sociobiology, polygamy is used in a broad sense to mean any form of multiple mating. In a narrower sense, used by zoologists, polygamy includes a pair bond, perhaps temporary