December 6, 2006 5:05am CST
hi all, thanx a lot for taking a minute to read this whole story. any valuable input or advice would be greatly helpful.i have a close friend who is badly in love with a friend is really intelligent, beautiful and posesses all qualities of the guy's interest.whenever we saw them together it seemed that their pair looks awesome.but none of them opened up with each other that they like each other.she used to give a great importance but evryone would make it up that they like each other. as the days passed by, there was an another girl who started adoring him and she entered into the guys life with the help of my friend.initially the new girl pretended that she is close to my friend and she likes her so much.likewise she found a way where she could get into a relationship with the guy.the new girl started tagging him around eventhough the guy was ignoring her and not serious to end up in a the meantime a third girl entered into the scene and she has been real mad about that guy.but none of these girls cannot be compared to myfriend who is real charming and very good at heart.( u can imagine the love i have for her. she is so damn sweet and an angel). teh third girl started hating the second one as she tahgs around him all the time and feels possesive about him. and the issue rose up and finally people started talking ill about the third one and noone knows how he had to settle down with teh second one can believ that a guy lioke that would ever look for a girl like her.infact my friend is a best choice for him and also he always appreciates her for everything she has and makes himself less comparing with her.we always see love or liking for my friend in his eyes( even now!!).but never spoke to her friend is still the same waiting for him to talk about it.she cannot talk to him about it as she is worried about the second girl.we don't know if he has anything for my friend.i tried to tel him about her but my friend warned me not to interfere as the other girl would will he realise this?? i am unable to see my friend like this she is moving away from him purposely.none of the girls he has in his life are worth. he has missed a gem.please advise as i want to help him realise things in the right way !!
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@mansha (6301)
• India
6 Dec 06
I think let the guy choose.If you lovce someone set it free if its yours it will return otherwise it was never yours.Ask one thing to yourself ,if this guy is so stupid that any girl can lure him away,is he actually worthy of your friend?