Can the man burst into tears?

December 6, 2006 5:15am CST
Now a boy who ever loved me is seating in me make me very awkward. although i never love him,we ever were friends.We met were on the train.Luckily we are the identical university, and is identical specialized.He said he was falls in love to me, but I always did not like him.Therefore, we did not have the speech to say again . Had become the stranger. He had unexpectedly burst into tears for this matter in front of me.I felt he is a frail person. Therefore I did not want with this kind of not strong person intogether.From then on I wad hiding him.Until now we have no words. of coures,the man also has the emotion person .sometimes he feel painful.but as to me,in my eys ,the man should not burst into tears.The man needs to be strong!at the moment,the women also should ofen burst into tears.I frequently am holding such a faith:The life does not believe the tear. Dear friend ,I eager you to talk with this topic.what are your ideas?
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