Create your confidence

December 6, 2006 5:20am CST
As one of the biggest stars in the field of basketball, Mike Jordan is a strong man, of course strong man has his own character, he had said to people like that, “If someone makes a laugh at me or doubt me, that will be the power that makes me play better.” Many people, although their bodies have a wonderful power to receive a blow, see their whole life; they have no chance to enter the team of strong men forever. That’s why? That’s because they don’t have the courage that changes pressure into motivity. They can do nothing when they face the laugh of others, what the world gives them is only a regret. “Never be knocked down by what others said”- this is my thought after I read this wisdom of what Mike Jordan said. This makes me think of a story I know which gives me a deep impression and affects my whole life a lot. A boy whose father was a farmer, when he was a little boy, he followed his father and always ran on the horse in a beautiful square-built farm everyday. When he grew up, the boy went to a middle school. One day, his teacher asked his students to write a composition that was about the dream of them when they grew up. The boy went back and wrote seven papers with a whole evening. The tomorrow, this teacher was surprised by what he saw, these seven papers are not composition, and they were only seven designed pictures of farm that included many beautiful modern buildings in 800 square kilometers. This teacher was very angry, “see what you did, never make dream in the daytime, that won’t come true!” The teacher gave him zero and asked him to rewrite. After went home, the boy thought over it for several times, and then he decided to ask for advice from his father, his father told him, “my son, this is a very important decision, you need to think it over alone, but no matter how, never give up your dream!” Twenty years later, that teacher came to visit a new modern farm with his new students, to his surprise; the owner of this farm was just his student who he gave him zero. When they saw each other again, the teacher said, “Thanks to what I said to you twenty years ago, or you wouldn’t have so beautiful farm.” What others said to you looks like a stone, someone is knocked down, but someone thinks it as the steps with which he can accomplish his own dreams.
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