Religion - The main threat to humanity

September 17, 2006 7:16am CST
That is for fact that all religions are made or created by the humans and they have done the unrepairable loss to the world that is created by the god, that means god gives us the power to make his world a peaceful place but we are trying our hard to make it a place where everybody looking for shelter from these religious FIGURES, i agreee that all BOOKS tells us that we should live with peace and respect each other, but at the end who or where are the role models, you can't preach islam in church or christians are not allowed to come to mosque to describle their religion either because of tolerance which is only left in the HOLY BOOKS. No one in the entire world has this tolerance to say good about others religion. I think its the time that we shud realize that only humanity is the religion that need to exist for the betterment of this beautiful world.
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