If the pope declared himself to be wrong, would the universe implode?

@amiksinha (1961)
September 17, 2006 7:43am CST
Since it hasn't, he has decided to upgrade his faith and accept Islam, also being sorry to all the Muslims worldwide for his rant earlier in the week. He claims Bush told him to say so. I believe him! but many wouldn't.
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@Sweety76 (1596)
• India
17 Sep 06
er.. silly, uneducated just a bit? Yea. The Pope has never claimed to be infallible. Only God is. There was no rant earlier in the week. It was a homily, or sermon, during a mass in Germany, in which he quoted two sentances from a book. It was not at that time nor presently the popes personal feelings towards Muslims-- just a quote.
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@nextgen (1888)
• India
17 Sep 06
The Pope did not say he was sorry for what he said, only that he was sorry for the reaction from the Muslim community. The Pope would never apologize for his opinions because the papacy is directly desended from the Apostle Peter and the words of the Pope are enlightened by the presence of God. I find it curious that Muslims can burn flags, dance in streets declaring Americans "Devils" but respond with violence at the slightest insult or perceived insult about them. Kinda demonstrates the falseness of their beliefs. Any religion who has followers behaving in this manner has to false and probably designed by the antichrist.