I argue with my son everyday!W

December 6, 2006 7:33am CST
We have a serious problem at home which is absolutely killing us in a way. Our son refuses to get dressed to go to nursery! He is 3 and he fight, bites, does everything not to get dressed! Usually daddy has a way with him but now not even he cam make our son get dressed. This is a real problem as the nursery has a stric uniform policy and 3 warnings and you're out! This gets everybody very stressed and we start to argue the first thing in the morning, which is not at good start of a new day I think. The problem is with us because once at the nursery there is no problem for them to dress him there. Please, we really need advice!!
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@SKLC_PT (1234)
20 Feb 07
Have you tried any methods like rewards with him? You can select his favorite toys and only let him play with them when he doesn't put up a fight, if not he won't see his favorite toys. Whenever he doesn't put up a fight he gets a sticker of his choice, a star.... I am not good at the subject, but I've seen baby whisperer a few times, and those are some of the things that help. And remember to tell the child the rules clearly.