Should wearing helmet on roads become compulsory for motor-cyclist?

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@tsprabhu (705)
December 6, 2006 9:33am CST
Safety is Important ?
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@ossie16d (11827)
• Australia
10 Dec 06
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In Australia it is compulsory to wear a helmet when riding a motor cycle as well as when riding a bicycle. Anyone caught without wearing a helmet will be fined because it is an offence. Yes, I do think that it should be made compulsory because in the event of an accident the person has a greater chance of having head injuries.
@tsprabhu (705)
• India
11 Dec 06
Here in India, I don't know whether its compulsary or not. I wear helmet just because I like! But around 50% people here hate wearing helmets and they wont wear at all!
• India
6 Dec 06
well it is already compulsory. riding a bike without a helmet is illegal
@srhelmer (6947)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
6 Dec 06
I think it should be required by law. If I drive a car, I have to wear a seat belt. It's required by law for my daughter to wear a helmet if she rides her bicycle. Why isn't it illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet?