counter games have overcomes out door

@humaaaa (1387)
December 6, 2006 2:58pm CST
As the technology has increased everything has been made more simpler, easy to perform and less time confuming than ever. There have been worse negative points of these technologies, as im going to discuss out games here so lets take for example about outdoor games which tennies used to play and now they are remembered after long times hmmm may be on picnics or school tripcs. Mostly people are more interesting in playing inside with their X BOX or Computer or may be some other electronic device than going out side and puttin the ball few times in basket or play Bat Ball with friends. Why is this happening, why do we only go for the adverse effects? Isn't this gonna harm our health? And this is the main cause why many deseases have grown these days. Governments should take proper measures and aware people not to stay at home very much because exereice is need of a human body.
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